Pipe Relining Sewer Junction – Brunswick

Drain Solutions Pipelining Trenchless Technology doesn’t just allow lining of straight sections of pipe – we can reline bends and junctions too. We recently completed a pipe lining job in Brunswick involving pipelining of a main sewer drain servicing a house, as well as pipelining the lead off junction for the Boundary Trap. This tree root infested junction is at the downstream end of the main house drain and was broken and badly misaligned, leaving around a 25mm lip in the drain. As you can imagine, this was causing frequent sewer blockages at the property as we were getting called out regularly to unblocked the sewer with our high pressure water jetter. The owner asked us to investigate the cause of the blocked sewer. We then used our CCTV in pipe camera to inspect the cause of the blockages to the main drain and junction.

We then installed a pipe lining junction repair in Brunswick using our Pipelining Trenchless Technology. First we relined the main drain, followed by pipe lining the junction to create a seamless pipe within the existing pipe. This smooth relined pipe allows the debris from the sewer drain to transition smoothly over the misaligned join at the junction, preventing further blockages. It also locks the misaligned join in place, preventing it from dropping away further.

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