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Our drain repair service allows us to replace or fix your blocked or damaged pipes & drains

Drain Solutions – Drain Repairs Melbourne

Drain Solutions specialise in all types of drain or sewer blockages, drain cleaning, CCTV drain inspections and Drain Relining.

If your drains or sewer pipes are unable to be pipelined, Drain Solutions are able to replace the blocked or damaged sewer pipe.

After unblocking your drain or sewer pipe with our high-pressure water jetter, we use our CCTV pipe camera. This camera identifies whether the faulty section of sewer pipe or drain has collapsed or has bad root intrusions.

We then determine if it needs to be relined using our pipe relining technology or replaced in new PVC pipe and fittings.

In most cases, Drain Solutions can clear the roots with our high-pressure water jetter.

However, if larger roots get in and start breaking your sewer pipe then it’s time for pipe relining or replacement.

Sections of the drain line or the entire drainage system may need to be repaired.

Or a combination of both relining and replacement may be required.

Dial Before You Dig is an essential service when locating underground utilities. You must have current Dial Before You Dig plans on-site before you begin any earthworks.

We have done many drain relining repairs to sewer and stormwater drains, as well as repairs and replacements on many drains and sewers when drain relining is not an option.

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Pipe relining technology to repair faulty drains


Drain replacement with new PVC pipe and fittings


Used in conjunction with our high-pressure water jet & CCTV drain camera


Over 50 years of plumbing experience


Specialist technical advice

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