Drain Relining Videos

Drain Relining Videos of  work completed by Drain Solutions

Drain Solutions – Drain Relining Videos 

Below are some drain relining videos we have recorded. They show samples of Drain Relining work we have completed over the last 15 years. We have completed Drain Relining to various types and sizes of sewers and drains.

The Drain Relining videos show how the drain looked before the Pipe Lining is installed. Vision shows what the pipe looks like after the Pipe Lining installation.

We are experienced in all types of Pipe Relining work. Our videos highlight the cost and time benefits of Drain Relining.

Drain Lining installation is completed without any excavation.

The relining product that we use does not require any excavation. Therefore, it does not have any extra costs associated with the reinstatement of finished surfaces. For example – concrete, asphalt, tiles, paving, garden beds, lawn areas, removing of plants and trees etc.

The relining of the drain will ensure that there is a smooth surface on the inside of the existing drain. This ensures there will be no further blockages due to faulty pipework and/or tree root intrusion, in the sections that have been relined.


Drain Solutions is a Melbourne based plumbing company specialising in the drainage and underground asset locating industry.

We have invested substantially in equipment, research and development to provide plumbing & drainage services to all of Melbourne.

At Drain Solutions, we pride ourselves on our first-class knowledge, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service.

Drain Solutions is also fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

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