Blocked Drains East Melbourne

Drain Solutions can clear your Blocked Drain in East Melbourne


Complete Solutions

Drain Solutions offer complete solutions for all your drainage needs. We specialise in unblocking and repairing drains, sewers, toilets and stormwater drains. We are equipped with the latest drain clearing and rehabilitation equipment such as high pressure water jetter, in pipe drain camera, and drain relining technology.


Professional Solutions

Our professional solutions entail our qualified plumbers trained in all areas of unblocking, inspecting and pipe lining all types of drain blockages with the best drain clearing equipment.


Permanent Solutions

Once we have cleared and inspected your blocked drain using our drain clearing high pressure water jetter and drain camera, we can provide permanent solutions by using Pipe Relining to repair your drains.

Blocked Drains East Melbourne

Drain Solutions – How We Do It with High Pressure Water Jetting

Drain Solutions continues to be East Melbourne’s preferred underground services management company with over four decades of rich experience and expertise in this field. Our high pressure water jetting technique has proven to be extremely effective in blockage clearing. In Melbourne, we’re a household name because we work with great precision, from simple drain repairs to full scale pipe relining, thanks to our modern methods and equipment.

Blocked Drains East MelbourneWhat Exactly Is a High Pressure Water Jetter? 

High pressure water jetting, or hydro jetting, works like a traditional pressure washer. It produces high pressure water to push a blockage out. A water jet is installed at the tip of a jet hose, and with this setup, sewer drains and storm water pipes can be unclogged. At Drain Solutions, we count on this cutting-edge technology to make sure your pipes are clean inside out and free of all kinds of debris, including fat. The water jet we use can also remove root intrusions and de-scale cast iron, making sure your pipes are squeaky clean all throughout.

The Efficiency of High Pressure Water Jetting

With high pressure water jetting, clearing drains and sewer pipes becomes cheaper and more time efficient. We can clean your drains with a diameter from 40 mm to 600 mm. We have a Vac Truck, which sucks in all the debris from your pipes and keeps it ready for disposal. Before and after the clearing procedure, our in drain cameras are used to scan your drains. Additionally, high pressure water jetting is used to clean and prep broken drains before applying our trenchless pipe relining method, which fixes your drain problems for good.

If you’ve been having problems with drain blockage or pipe lining, don’t stall. Book an appointment today and we’ll make sure to relieve you of these worries.

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