Blocked Drains Camberwell

Drain Solutions can clear your Blocked Drain in Camberwell


Complete Solutions

Drain Solutions offer complete solutions for all your drainage needs. We specialise in unblocking and repairing drains, sewers, toilets and stormwater drains. We are equipped with the latest drain clearing and rehabilitation equipment such as high pressure water jetter, in pipe drain camera, and drain relining technology.


Professional Solutions

Our professional solutions entail our qualified plumbers trained in all areas of unblocking, inspecting and pipe lining all types of drain blockages with the best drain clearing equipment.


Permanent Solutions

Once we have cleared and inspected your blocked drain using our drain clearing high pressure water jetter and drain camera, we can provide permanent solutions by using Pipe Relining to repair your drains.

Blocked Drains Camberwell

Pipe Relining Technology – A Quick, One-time Permanent Plumbing Solution

Nobody needs to deal with blocked drains and pipes over and over. That’s why at Drain Solutions, we only have one goal – put all your plumbing issues to rest – permanently. For Camberwell blocked drains, Drains Solutions is a trusted provider of drainage and underground management services, including hydro excavation and underground utility locating to sewer replacement and our specialty, Pipe Relining.

Blocked Drains CamberwellPipe Relining Defined

Pipe relining or drain relining is a cost-effective solution that permanently fixes broken pipelines and sewer or stormwater drain root intrusion. This is made possible by our Pipe Lining Technology, a process that can be performed without excavation and disruption of your daily routine.  We create a new sewer, drain or stormwater pipe right into an old one, where other plumbers may just pull them out and discard them. With this technique, we give you a fast and proven alternative to broken or blocked drains and sewers while minimizing work and expenses.

The Mechanism Behind

The process of pipe relining involves a CCTV drain camera inspection. This allows our technicians to detect the problems and take the important measurements of the drain to be lined. With the use of our high-pressure water jetting equipment, we are able to flush out all kinds of dirt and debris that has been stuck in the pipe before the lining procedure begins. After the felt liner has been cut to length, it will be infused with epoxy resin. It is then inserted into the broken part of the pipe by manually pulling it into place or through a special technique like air inversion. When the resin has been cured, there will now be a new pipe within the old compromised pipe. This makes the system structurally tougher and more secure.

Everyone deserves an affordable, one-stop and permanent solution to their piping issues. Get yours today! Call us Drain Solutions on 0413 5220 220 and start enjoying the benefits of our Pipe Relining Technology.

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