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Blocked sewer and stormwater drains are not only unpleasant, but they can also cause significant health and safety risks if left untreated.

Blockages can be caused by tree roots, breaks in drains, fats, oils & grease, foreign objects or low-flow cisterns.

Using the latest technology and equipment, Drain Solutions can expertly diagnose problems with your drains.

Our specialised high-pressure water jetter allows us to unblock and clean your sewer & stormwater blockages fast and effectively.

The high-pressure water in a hydro jetter can cut out root intrusions and flush debris out of your blocked drains.

This method is also used to remove grease, de-scale cast iron and eradicate roots on the inside of the pipe, therefore leaving the pipe clean.

Within our truck fleet, our vacuum loader can also use its high-pressure water jet to remove grease, silt and debris from drains, traps, pits and manholes.

We use the latest technology in CCTV Drain Cameras to identify the cause & location of your blockage and provide you with the vision for your reference.





Remove tree root intrusions, silt and debris


Clean or unblock drains from 40mm up to 600mm in diameter




Remove grease, fats and de-scale cast iron


Maintenance schedules available

How will your blocked drain or sewer be cleared with the experts at Drain Solutions?

At Drain Solutions, we use a high-pressure water jet or electric drain machine to clean, clear and unblock your blocked drain, sewer or blocked stormwater pipe.

The high-pressure water in a hydro jetter can cut out root intrusions and flush debris out of your drains.

We then use our pipe camera which allows us to assess the condition of your pipe or drain & identify the cause of your blocked drain.

Our experienced team can then work with you to find a permanent solution using our drain relining trenchless technology.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance Schedules

When you choose Drain Solutions, you can take advantage of our popular maintenance schedule drain cleans.

You pick the frequency – quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

We will then clean your sewer or stormwater drains at each arranged interval.

This ensures your drain remains clear and functioning without any unwanted blockages occurring at inappropriate and inconvenient times.

Perfect for businesses who trade 24/7, to prevent downtime & potential loss of customers due to drain blockages.

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