Drain Relining

Drain Relining repairs blocked, cracked, leaking and root-infested sewers, drains & stormwater pipes fast and effectively

Drain Solutions – Pipe or Drain Relining

Pipe or Drain Relining is a cost-effective system which permanently repairs damaged or broken pipelines, and root intrusions to sewer or stormwater drains.

This can be done without disruptive and expensive excavation or damage to property.

Our industry-leading drain relining technology, allows us to create a new sewer, drain or stormwater pipe within your old one – without the need to dig a trench.

It means we can save old pipes that other companies would have to dig up.

We install a pipe liner, which effectively creates a new and stronger pipe within the existing pipe.

This new pipelining is produced in a continuous length. The new pipe will be smooth and seamless. It will have no joints for tree roots to penetrate.

Pipelining can be effectively used to repair root intrusions, cracked, broken, misaligned and missing sections of pipes.

We custom make our liner to suit the problem. This means, your drain or pipe is ready to be used the same day.

We are also able to repair root intrusions into junctions as well as cracked and broken junctions with our drain relining system.

Our junction drain lining product is a true indication of pipelining innovation, creating a one-piece junction repair.


No disruptive & costly excavations


'NO DIG' solution for blocked drains, damaged drains & sewers


Our Plumbers are experienced, fully licensed & our work is fully guaranteed


Quick & reliable alternative


No costly re-instatement of concrete, driveways or landscapes


Full pipe relines of continuous lengths, small patches, multiple bends & boundary traps

How will your blocked drain or sewer be fixed using Drain Relining?

The drain relining process involves using a CCTV Drain Camera inspection to first diagnose the problem and measure the length of the drain to be lined.

We then use our High-Pressure Water Jetter to thoroughly clean the pipe prior to installing the pipeliner.

The felt liner is then cut to length and impregnated with epoxy resin. It is then inserted into the damaged section of the pipe by either air inversion or pulling into position.

Once the resin is cured, there is now a new pipe in the existing pipe that is now structurally stronger than the old damaged pipe.

We can re-open existing junctions using our robotic lateral cutter to reinstate existing branch junctions if required.

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