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Drain Solutions offer complete solutions for all your drainage needs. We specialise in unblocking and repairing drains, sewers, toilets and stormwater drains. We are equipped with the latest drain clearing and rehabilitation equipment such as high pressure water jetter, in pipe drain camera, and drain relining technology.

Professional Solutions

Our professional solutions entail our qualified plumbers trained in all areas of unblocking, inspecting and pipe lining all types of drain blockages with the best drain clearing equipment.

Permanent Solutions

Once we have cleared and inspected your blocked drain using our drain clearing high pressure water jetter and drain camera, we can provide permanent solutions by using Pipe Relining to repair your drains.

Blocked Drains Brighton

Professional Drain Clearing Services by Drain Solutions

Most modern homes have beautiful bathrooms, however, there is one element that can remove the joy of having a beautiful bathroom and that’s a blocked drain or toilet. At Drain Solutions, we specialise in blocked drains in Brighton, giving you the much needed relief that you deserve. There’s nothing worse than having to worry about a clogged drain. You can count on us to step right in and take over with minimal disturbance to your personal space and activities. Our team has all the right expertise, technical know-how and the equipment to carry out the job to perfection. We’re always willing and ready to help irrespective of whether it’s a residential home or business establishment.

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Blocked Drains BrightonDoing it right the first time

When it comes to drain repairs, it’s best to hire a team who knows what they’re doing. You certainly don’t want a botched up job that could end up causing you more money and time a few months down the line. With Drain Solutions, you can be rest assured that will never happen. Using the latest hi-tech equipment we can clear out blocked drains and toilets in no time at all and to the highest quality standard. Our specialist team will access the problem area and get to work immediately using high pressure water jetting to clear the blocked drain, in drain cameras to inspect the drain and Drain Relining for permanent drain repairs.

Yes, there’s every reason to call Drain Solutions on 1300 546 348 if you’re looking for drain clearing services today. Don’t delay, just pick up the phone and call as we’re here to help you.

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Pipe Lining Trenchless Technology Specialists in Melbourne



Drain Solutions

The smart choice when you need a Melbourne plumber.

So if it’s clearing a blocked drain or blocked sewer, Drain Solutions has it covered.

Call Drain Solutions now on 1300 546 348


Plumber Melbourne

The smart choice when you need a Melbourne plumber.

So if it’s clearing a blocked drain or blocked sewer, Drain Solutions has it covered.

Call Drain Solutions now on 1300 546 348


Value For Money

We aim to provide value for money for plumbing and drain cleaning services, in an honest & fair manner with fixed prices where possible.

If for some reason we cannot clear the blocked sewer or stormwater drain, we will give you an obligation free quotation to fix the problem.



Drain Solutions provide Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Certificate of Compliance on all jobs over the value of $750.00 with a 6 year written insurance guarantee on the plumbing installation.

Our pipe lining product has a life expectancy of 40 years. The combination of high-quality relining materials and a repair guarantee can provide the peace of mind that pipes and drains relined by Drain Solutions will last a very long time.


Drain Clearing

As with a lot of our unique services, we are constantly thinking of you - the customer.

With our drain clearing service, we don’t just clear where the blockage is; we clean and clear the section of sewer or stormwater drain.

Just a simple, affordable cost to get your blocked drain cleared.


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