Blocked Sewer Melbourne

A blocked sewer in Melbourne is every homeowner’s most horrible nightmare. In many residences and commercial building, the main sewer line can get clogged over time. This clog can be due to normal blockages from unwanted particles. Only the expert plumbers know how to clean the sewer blockage with perfection, well, you might be wondering how qualified plumbers can help you to clear the sewer drain blockage.

However, the professional plumbers and experts make use of the best plumbing equipment in order to help you out with your dirty blockage issues. In order to clear the blockage, the plumber requires the specialized cleaning tools.

Take a Look at the Key Equipments Used by Professional Plumbers to Clear the Blocked Sewer in Melbourne:

Blocked Sewer in Melbourne

  • Video Camera Inspection: A sewer line camera is used to identify the type of blockage and to address the blockage and the reason behind it. It allows careful visual inspection of a sewer line or drains. This equipment is optional but with the help of this camera, the plumber will be able to inspect the problem quickly and where the blockage is really taking place. This will then lead them to absolutely remove all the clutter or unwanted particle that may have caused the blockage in your pipes and sewers.


  • Hydrojet Equipment: Hydrojet equipment is again an ideal and a common method for the sewer cleaning usually called as hydro jetting. The tool is used in the process with the help of high-pressure water coming out from them which push the unnecessary particles or stuff to clear out the blockage. This tool is also very useful to confiscate any contaminant like sand, tree roots, etc.


  • Closet Auger: This sewer cleaning tool is outstanding and one of the most popular among all plumbers, this plumbing tool is also good for the homeowner as they can purchase for the home. This has a spiral wire whose end holds a self-feed auger. This works the same way as that of the rod, but is generally used for removing the particles and handling stoppage in the pipe generally.


  • Sink Auger: A commonly used equipment, this tool can be used in any form of the sink from your kitchen sinks to your washroom to clear the blockage. This is made of a supple cable, coiled inside a flask. Same as the closet auger, it also makes utilize of a self-feeding auger. In order to remove the clutter and unwanted particles, the container has to be joined to a handle. It also has a knob used in turning the tool and in pulling out the blockage.

So, why wait? Hire a professional plumber that uses the aforementioned cleaning tools and equipments used to clear the blocked sewer in Melbourne and keep your drainage system healthy.