When it comes to drain cleaning, there many choices that a homeowner can make to get the job done. There are DIY remedies that you can whip up using items available in your kitchen. There is the trusty plunger underneath your sink that you can use as a weapon to fight the clog. And then there are the over-the-counter drain cleaning products that you can buy and use to clean your pipes.

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THE SAD REALITY – using these methods is like cleaning the leaves off your driveway with a state-of-the-art flamethrower! You’ll get rid of the muck and debris surely, but you will damage everything else in your path as well. Rather take a different approach by hiring professional drainage plumbers in Melbourne that make use those methods to cleanse drains and remove clogs from pipes which DO NOT harm the plumbing system.

The idea is to find safe and effective solutions that can resolve the problem for good. And to make that happen, drain cleaning professionals in Melbourne have a variety of methods and techniques that they can rely upon to get the job done. Let’s check some of them out!

Check Out the Key Techniques Professional Drainage Plumbers in Melbourne Use To Clean Pipes And Unclog Drains:

  1. Inspection Methods:


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  • Video Imaging: Professional drainage plumbers in Melbourne know exactly how fragile a plumbing system can be, especially when its drainage pipes are under the immense pressure that is being generated from a clog. They also know that while a clog can be small and insignificant, removing it with the wrong technique can cause excessive damage to the aged pipes and joints, eventually disrupting the entire drainage system in the process. Therefore, any drain cleaning processes are always preceded with adequate inspections, usually carried out by video imaging equipment. It usually consists of a video camera and LED light that are mounted at the end of a long fibre-optic cable line. It can send images from inside the drain back to the technicians, helping them pinpoint the actual location and nature of the clog and the related damage that they are facing.
  1. Cleaning Methods:


  • Motorized Drain Snakes:

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This contraption is much like a long corkscrew – it is a coil of wire that is slowly lowered into the drain till it reaches the site of the clog. Here, it bores a hole into the debris and breaks the clog apart. It can also be used to latch into the clogged debris and pull it back up and out of the drain.

  • Hydro Jetting:

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Depending upon the pipe material used in your drainage system, a professional cleaner decides upon the safe water temperature that can be handled by the plumbing without sustaining damage. Then, hot water (at the temperature determined above) is passed through the drain in the form of a high-pressure jet. The scalding blasts of water can break through clogs and cleanse the drain of oil, grease and other contaminants that may be hindering proper drainage.

All in all, professional drain cleaning technicians make sure that they know what they are dealing with and take all the necessary precautions to prevent your home’s drains and plumbing system from sustaining further harm. The safest, most effective and reliable techniques are then utilised to remove clogs and contaminants and cleanse drains for further use. So tell me? What choice would you make for resolving your drain problems – destructive DIY cleaning methods or the reliable and safe services provided by professional drainage plumbers in Melbourne? The choice is yours!