Underground Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locating quickly & accurately finds underground services and their location

utilising Electronic Locating Equipment, Ground Penetrating radar (GPR) and Concrete Scanning

Drain Solutions – Underground Utility Locating

Drain Solutions are specialist Underground Utility Locators in Melbourne.

We use state-of-the-art locating equipment and techniques. This allows us to locate conductive underground utility services – power, water and communications.

We can quickly and accurately determine what services are underground and where they are located.

Drains Solutions will mark out the alignment and depth of the service. This is done on top of the ground using ground marking paint.

This marking allows the service to be referenced by the contractors on site for further work.

We also supply a detailed written report with media to advise you of the utilities located.

This information is also helpful for future reference as it identifies the underground utilities.

Further to our locating services, we can expose the underground utilities using hydro excavation.

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) or vacuum excavation can be used using hydro excavation vacuum truck. This allows to safely expose the exact location of underground services to establish safe digging areas.

Drain Solutions is a specialist in all areas of utility locating services and damage prevention of underground utilities.

All works are carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information’.

Radio Frequency Pipe & Cable Locators

Drain Solutions has the latest and most up-to-date radio frequency pipe locator and cable locator, Ground Penertrating Radar, GPR and Concrete Scanner.

Using this equipment we can identify underground utilities.

This includes domestic water, fire services, gas networks, high voltage and low voltage electrical networks, telecommunications, stormwater and sewer assets.

We can offer an accurate and reliable underground utility locating service when coupled with potholing technique to visually locate the underground asset.

Both techniques allow the determination of pipe depth and alignment.

Dial Before You Dig is an essential service when locating underground utilities. You must have current Dial Before You Dig plans on-site before you begin any earthworks.

Contact us today on 0413 522 220 and let us organise, print and prepare up-to-date Dial Before You Dig plans for you. We will bring the plans to site with us, then locate your underground asset or services.

Underground Utility Locating
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Underground Utility Locating

How does Drain Solutions locate Underground Services & Assets?

Drain Solutions is an accredited Dial Before You Dig certified locator. We are also a Telstra Accredited Plant Locator & Optus Accredited Asset Locator in copper & optic fibre.

Drain Solutions use the latest state of the art electronic technology for underground utility locating trace and locate buried assets. This is done without any disruption to services or property.

Drain Solutions, we use a radio frequency pipe & cable locator, Ground Penetrating Radar GPR and concrete scanner to locate underground utilities, services and assets. Utilities and services include domestic water, fire services, gas networks, telecommunications, high voltage & low voltage electrical networks, stormwater and sewer assets.

If the conduit does not have a copper wire or has an optic fibre inside, or it is an empty conduit. We can insert a fibreglass trace rod with a copper wire in the rod into the conduit. This will carry our locating signal through the conduit enabling us to locate the conduit. A sonde can be used to locate the end of the fibreglass trace rod to locate a broken and blocked conduit.

We are then able to use our cable locator to trace the conduit. This gives an accurate alignment and depth of the underground asset.

If a trace wire is unable to be inserted into the conduit Drain Solutions will use our GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar to scan the ground/surface and locate this conduit.

Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR Melbourne

Ground Penertrating Radar GPR can be used in a range of fields such as environmental, archaeological, transportation projects and many other applications. It is used during the entire span of the project, from the design phase to investigate the ground all the way to maintenance and operation to verify concrete thickness and/or to locate reinforcing bars and buried utility conduits.

In order to be able to satisfy the needs of every single client, we have the following GPR scanning services available:

Outdoor Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)– locating metallic and non-metallic pipes, cables and other structures from 2-3m subsurface; suited to roads, construction sites, footpaths, car parks, industrial sites, and other outdoor sites.

Indoor GPR & Concrete Scanning – for locating 300-400mm subsurface; suited to building sites and concrete scanning to locating post-tension cables and rebar (before concrete cutting or core hole drilling performed by on-site tradesmen). This GPR scanning can also be used to locate a reinforcement bar (reo bar) concealed in walls.

Our GPR scanning Melbourne includes reports and clear and accurate 3D imaging of subsurface infrastructure. We are constantly improving our services by investing in training and education, as well as the latest tools and techniques, and you will get fast and in-depth results from Drain Solutions GPR services.

Concrete Scanning Services Melbourne

Prior to core drilling or drilling a hole, we employ GPR technology Concrete Scanning to find reinforcing steel, steel mesh, post-tension cables and/or rebar in concrete for drain installation, plumbing, duct work, electrical and fire protection services.

 The reinforcing steel or any other service in your concrete structure will be located by Drain Solutions Melbourne GPR Scanning. We will print and mark a grid onto the surface of your structure to direct you where it is clear to drill safetly.

 Utilizing this service will stop deterioration to the structure’s integrity because our non-invasive technology does not require any patching or repair work. Utilizing our specialized equipment, knowledge and experience will also lessen your chance of workplace injuries, accidents, and delays.

How are drains and pipes are located using Drain Solutions locating service?

For small diameter stormwater & sewer drains and pipes up to 100 metres in length, we use our CCTV push camera.

Our CCTV Tractor Camera can be used for larger diameter pipes over 100mm in diameter over a 100 metres in length between manholes.

Our drain cameras have a sonde fitted to them which transmits a signal. This allows our pipe locator to trace the signal. We then have an accurate alignment and depth of the underground drain.

Drain Solutions can also use or Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR to scan the ground/surface and locate the drain when there is no visible access to drains to find the locating and depth of the drain.

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